ODL Live

Cloud-based engine for realtime route optimisation

Modern RESTful JSON webservice API, resilient cloud hosting.

Near-instantaneous response to new jobs, events or delays. Schedule a new job in one or two seconds, dependent on server load. Offer customers optimised appointments or delivery time slots in realtime.

Traffic Learner - learn time-of-day and geographic traffic patterns from your historic journey data.

Rich vehicle routing model supporting multiple time windows, custom arrival time penalties, multiple work breaks, multiple depots, multiple vehicle types, multiple quantities, multiple days, on-board time penalties, complex vehicle-stop relations, geographic spread penalties, penalties on route properties and much more!

Learn more about realtime vehicle route optimisation in our free technical overview white paper. Read our latest white paper on predictive route optimisation for next-day deliveries / same-day collections.

What is realtime route optimisation?


Flat fee monthly subscription. Host the system yourself - stay in control of your mission-critical systems by running on your own cloud servers (AWS, Azure etc). Schedule as many jobs or vehicles as you want, sizing your server appropriately. To the best of our knowledge, no other realtime routing engine is available on a flat fee.

Single country licence - USD $850 per country per month, plus AWS server hosting charges.

Global licence - USD $2550 per month, plus AWS server hosting charges.

Prices are exclusive of sales tax / VAT.


Email live@opendoorlogistics.com if you have any questions or would like a copy of the API documentation.

Field service

Field service management

Intelligent mobile workforce scheduling and dispatching for technicians, engineers, surveyors, cleaners, repair persons, tradies etc.

Optimised assignment of emergency, same day or future jobs for field force management. Model trade-off between serving jobs on same day or delaying to group with nearby jobs on later days.

Model complex work rules such as work breaks, preferred staff-job assignments, job priorities, job duration functions based on skill level, different permitted servicing and driving hours, service radius limits and more.

Offer your customers route-efficient appointment times. Accurate calculation of available service slots based on existing jobs and current route plans.

Save driving time and increase customer satisfaction.

Email us at live@opendoorlogistics.com to find out how we can schedule your mobile workforce.

Simulating ‘what-if’ scenarios for mobile workforce scheduling

The ODL Live simulator tool lets you test ‘what-if’ scenarios for realtime/dynamic vehicle routing problems, by re-running the evolving planning process. The following video shows a field service management scenario, where routes are replanned on-the-fly to preferentially serve high priority jobs.


Realtime freight planning

Realtime control for last mile freight deliveries, pallet networks etc.

Offer customers efficient collection or delivery time slots, by querying the optimiser for the ‘X best slots’, during the booking process.

Reoptimise around already loaded items, when a truck is still being loaded at the depot and new deliveries come in.

Automated same day collection optimisation. Add new collections on-the-fly to trucks already on the road making collections and deliveries. If a vehicle is running late, its pending collections are automatically shifted to nearby vehicles, minimising the total late-running across your fleet.

Reorder on-board deliveries, for example if a truck is running late and a delivery needs to be brought forward to make its time window.

Optimise large problems with thousands of jobs using our intelligent search technology, based on our proprietary fuzzy problem splitting algorithm.

Email us at live@opendoorlogistics.com to learn more about realtime planning for logistics networks.

Home delivery

Time slot generation for home deliveries

Optimised same day or next day home deliveries.

Offer only delivery slots you can serve with your available fleet. Never exceed your delivery capacity.

Generate optimised delivery time slots on-the-fly as your customer is placing their order on your website. Offer your customer delivery times slots that work for your fleet.

Email us at live@opendoorlogistics.com to find out more about home delivery planning.


On-demand deliveries

Plan same day deliveries, e.g. one or two hour deliveries, courier services.

Schedule any kind of on-demand delivery, food deliveries and more - takeout, restaurant deliveries, groceries, drinks, shopping.

Automated dispatching, order stacking and on-board time constraints.

Offer customers dynamic timeslots or SLAs based on available vehicle resource.

Optimised routes save time and money.

Email us at live@opendoorlogistics.com to learn more about route optimisation for on-demand deliveries.

Simulating on-demand food deliveries

In the following video we use the ODL Live simulator to evaluate different strategies for on-demand deliveries. We find ODL Live’s standard strategy - deferred dispatching - to give superior results for delivery time, on-board time and total driving time compared to immediate dispatching.


Taxis and on-demand passenger transport

Taxis, on-demand buses, airport shuttles and non-emergency patient transport.

Automated, intelligent dispatch.

Seamlessly schedule ASAP and pre-booked jobs together.

Model multiple rideshare constraints - e.g. max passengers, max simultaneous jobs, max on-board time, earliest/latest pickup and dropoff.

Set separate time windows for pickup and delivery or model as ASAP.

Email us at live@opendoorlogistics.com to learn more about ODL Live for passenger transport.